Zoltán Gálli Lightning NetworkTor

Mastodon: @zoltan@sergal.org

Medium: @zgalli

GitHub: @gallizoltan

Keybase: keybase.io/galli

Priority response: earn.com/galli

Email: gallizoltan@gmail.com

PGP Fingerprint: 116D 19B0 5C58 5B6D

Zoltán Gálli

Roman Catholic, husband, father, geek


Lightning Network Node ⚡

You can connect to my Lightning Node through the following addresses:

IPv4: 03d67f36c4f81789e2fe425028bacc96b199813eae426c517f589a45f1136c1fe5@

Torv2: 03d67f36c4f81789e2fe425028bacc96b199813eae426c517f589a45f1136c1fe5@yqygrtvwihl3exb2.onion:9735

Torv3: 03d67f36c4f81789e2fe425028bacc96b199813eae426c517f589a45f1136c1fe5@ihhsjdncang7ve2rvhuunvy45bxvmh2qwz3vh7mohbouizd36ywnxeid.onion:9735

Mastodon User Counter Bot 🐘 🤖

A bot which counts users from all instances listed at instances.social then posts statistics to Mastodon.

Running at: bitcoinhackers.org/@mastodonusercount

Source available: github.com/gallizoltan/usercount

Donations are Welcome!

If you like what I am doing, or I did some good for you, you can support me. Thank you for your help! 💖

Cryptocurrency donations: GloBee